Welcome to The Lower Bridge Blog, where you will find timely, relevant articles on branding, marketing, and communications.

The hope for this blog is simple. We want to be known as a go-to source for comprehensive information on most any marketing topic. We have our favorites, and you’ll see several topics likely revolving around those. You’re likely to find articles on Small Business Marketing, Branding, Content Marketing, Digital and Offline Marketing Strategy, among others.

In this blog, you might also stumble across a running or cycling or golfing blog post – you just never know!

Additionally, we will spend some time covering corporate culture initiatives. Spoiler alert: your corporate culture initiatives should revolve around work from home, flexible time, and treating people like adults. If they don’t, your people are already looking for other jobs. It is not 1992 anymore – you don’t need your people to be “at work” to get work done. If you do, you hired the wrong people.

Geared toward small business owners and marketing agencies that serve small business content, we deliver actionable advice that you can use now to start attracting more leads and customers.

The content schedule (laugh) is fairly loose for this blog. You can expect to see an inbound marketing post one day followed by a post discussing business & life advice or how to lower your mile split time in a 5K race. It’s my blog, I’ll write about what I want.

Yes, we pledge to cut through consultant-speak. No, we will NOT be discussing “leveraging human capital” in this blog. Yes, we WILL simplify marketing concepts by “talking right down to earth in a language that everybody can easily understand.”

For the Marketing MacGyvers out there, we will explore easy and affordable tips for small businesses who need big results. Do you have a limited budget? Welcome to the club! We will help find workarounds for limited resources and limited budgets. Find marketing ideas, tips, tools and strategies to help you reach more customers in less time – for less money. Score!


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