Lower Bridge Marketing grants me the opportunity to work with some pretty cool folks! Brands you’ve definitely heard of, some you might not have heard of, others you just haven’t heard of yet. Yet!

This partial collection of communications consulting customers showcases the breadth and depth of my service capabilities available. I am comfortable meeting with a single partner financial services firm as well as a multinational global financial consulting entity. Truthfully, many of their communications concerns are the same. How do we communicate effectively to our customers, competitors, the marketplace, our employees?

My customers have trusted me for years to offer them clear, concise, compelling communications and marketing counsel. And I have delivered the work on their behalf! Lower Bridge Marketing can assist with all your communications needs. Launching brands, introducing new locations and services, refreshing content and web structures, to introducing social media into your messaging mix…. Lower Bridge Marketing is your communications partner.

Partnership is something I take seriously at Lower Bridge Marketing. I truly view my clients as partners – we are working together towards mutual success. You cannot be a successful manager with miserable employees. I cannot be a successful marketing communications consultant with clients who aren’t confident in the messaging we’ve developed together.

Mainly, I helped these companies and many others grow audiences and drive consumer action through compelling content and messaging. I have also worked with numerous brands to develop and mentor staff and leadership. I help them to be better tomorrow than they are today. Again, if your direct reports are miserable, that reflects more on you than on them.

I specialize in helping organizations get their story straight before getting in front of an audience. From role playing, focus grouping, soft launches, contact me today for help!

BuckeyeBank Accenture PartnerShip LLC MEHCO
Sprenger Health Care Systems Habitat for Humanity Lorain County SyncCreative White Hat Mgmt
FedEx Vizion360 Team Fahrenheit
NACS Fairhill Partners Accenture Plaut
White Line Freight Planned Financial Services